Wildflower illustrations with common names

West Coast Wildflower Worksheet

Inspired by a conversation in my mother’s Darling kitchen, I set about illustrating local wildflowers to create an library of designs that could become templates for an embroidery kit.

While creating the first draft, I realised these illustrations could be used as colouring in worksheets. So here is the first composition, of many more, for you to download for free.

Print the page at home and challenge your friends and family to colour in the flowers that you find on your West Coast wildflower excursion.

How do you colour the plants in?

Using your imagination and what ever art supplies you have at your disposal! The common names of each plant appear below should you wish to search for reference photos. I have found SANBI, and iNaturalist to be great tools in identifying flowers that I find in the wild.

You can use the same tools to see just how many varieties these wildflowers appear in. The vygie, for example, appears in bright pinks, whites, and even yellow.

Kruipvygie wildflower

Show your love and share

When you’ve coloured in your page, hang your work up. If you are feeling confident, share a photo of your peice with me (I’d love to see!). Next, you can draw the wildflowers yourself or print them out to use it as an embroidery template.






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